Ingeniu helpsĀ engineering and production teams to improve their performance by considering both human and technological aspects.

Why Ingeniu?

Our team of twenty people has been in operation for over six years. Our senior consultants have an average of more than 25 years of experience in business.
Our team knows the field and has the expertise to make things work. And that expertise is combined with top-notch software development know-how.
We meet your needs that are not covered by your commercial software and that limit your performance.
We use advanced concepts in algorithms, mathematics and artificial intelligence in a practical way to give your 4.0 projects a head start.
We offer user-friendly, easy-to-use changes that facilitate change management.
We capitalize on the tools, software, teams and processes already in place to gradually bring about significant and lasting change.

Increasing the competitiveness of our manufacturers is fundamental to our collective wealth.

We are a passionate team that firmly believes that a unique opportunity has opened up thanks to 4.0 technologies.

Our mission is to accompany local manufacturers in this necessary transition towards computerization and automation of their processes.

In order to achieve this, we will have to review our processes from top to bottom, think from the first principles and simplify our methods.

At Ingeniu, we want to help you seize this historic opportunity.


Ingeniu helps your teams to improve their performance.

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